How Unpopular Can You Get?

Assiduous readers have noted that we now have a relationship with AOL News. AOL’s Newsbloggers section is still feeling its way, and some of the bloggers they have included in the group are frankly awful. But the AOL people have been great to work with, and Coates Bateman, who coordinates the Newsbloggers site, is very good.
One interesting AOL feature is the Daily Pulse, which focuses on a leading theme of that day’s news. Bloggers can weigh in on the day’s subject if they have something to say. Today’s Daily Pulse addressed President Bush’s relatively low approval ratings. What’s interesting is that they are put into a historical context. What President has rated below 40% for the longest time? I didn’t know the answer to that question, but AOL News’ interactive feature lays out the data in an interesting way.
AOL is making a real effort to make its news page as informative and attractive as possible, and the Daily Pulse is a good part of that. Today, I weighed in on President Bush’s poll ratings, while Paul did posts on other topics. You can see our contributions at the Power Line page at AOL News.
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