“Too Positive” for the BBC

We wrote here about British Private Johnson Beharry, who was awarded the Victoria Cross for his heroism in Iraq. It’s an inspiring story; the photo below is of Beharry with his VC:
Someone at the BBC thought Beharry’s story was inspriring, too, and commissioned a ninety-minute drama tentatively titled Victoria Cross. Now, though, the show has been canceled. The BBC thought it portrayed “too positive” an image of the Iraq war:

For the BBC, however, his story is “too positive” about the conflict.
The corporation has cancelled the commission for a 90-minute drama about Britain’s youngest surviving Victoria Cross hero because it feared it would alienate members of the audience opposed to the war in Iraq.
The BBC’s retreat from the project, which had the working title Victoria Cross, has sparked accusations of cowardice and will reignite the debate about the broadcaster’s alleged lack of patriotism.

“Alleged?” What’s “alleged” about it?

A spokesman for the BBC admitted that it had abandoned the VC project but refused to elaborate.

The last few weeks have not been happy ones for those of us who hope that Great Britain has a future.
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