Condi speaks

Secretary Rice sat down for an interview with Tom Bevan of RealClearPolitics. The focus is on Iraq. It’s an interesting interview. Surprising quote: “I have read RealClearPolitics for a long time.” Tom’s focus on Iraq is correct and productive.
If the interview extended beyond Iraq I would have appreciated hearing from Secretary Rice about the Jerusalem Post report that we are looking for ways “to deliver more non-American funding to the Palestinians[.]” And about what American national interest membership in the United Nations and its affiliates now serves. Consider the UN Human Rights Council and its “Resolution on Combating Defamation of Religions” — i.e., Islam: thou shalt not speak ill of it.
Incidentally, the Assistant Secretary of State David Welch makes an appearance in the Jerusalem Post story about funding for “the Palestinians.” We took note of Secretary Welch last year in “Welch’s grape Jews.” One observer comments: “The US is inching slowly but surely towards relaxing the boycott against the Hamas government, in a diplomatic version of waterboarding for those of us who believe we should not be appeasing these genocidal monsters one little bit.”


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