Lest words lose their meaning

Bill Otis at the ACRU blog has launched a Dictionary of Poltical Correctness. Here are some of the first few entries:
Multiculturalism – Multiculturalism is a big word meaning, “The West stinks.” The shorthand version is, “America stinks.” Under multiculturalism, George Washington, a slave-owning white male with no accomplishments of note, is out, and Che Guevara, an anti-imperialist leader, is in.
Verbal violence – Verbal violence is a statement a liberal doesn’t like but has trouble refuting analytically. Thus, if you say that hard-edged feminism is at odds with traditional families — the kind in which children usually do best — this is “verbal violence” against women, and you have to sit in the corner (or sit out the next semester, or attend the sensitivity class, etc.).
Bill has entertained me for years with this brand of insightful humor. Now he belongs to the blogosphere.


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