O Broder, where art thou?

I learn from today’s New York Sun editorial that the Senate Democratic caucus — apparently including both Senator Tim Johnson, still out on rehab, and Senator Lieberman — written a letter to the editor of the Washington Post attacking David Broder for Broder’s April 26 column criticizing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for his “gaffes.”
For his part, Broder told Editor & Publisher that he was “astonished and delighted” that 50 Democratic senators “spontaneously” came up with the letter (adding that he was being “tongue-in-cheek”). Don’t tell me David Broder has a sense of humor!
The Sun notes the Democrats’ remarkable sense of entitlement with respect to positive press coverage. I think the letter represents a preemptive strike against future manifestations of independent thought at the Post, the preservation of the liberal MSM preserve being the one area in which Democrats believe in and practice preemption.
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