About last night, briefly

NRO has posted a symposium on the dog-and-pony show at the Reagan Library last night. Byron York also comments here. I hated the form of the program and did not enjoy the presence of wannabes like Tom Tancredo, Ron Paul, and others including Governor Gilmore. Duncan Hunter is clearly a man of substance. I was persuaded that we need him as a leader — in Congress. Gentleman, what are you doing here?
Providing a platform for Chris Matthews to practice his buffoonery was an additional irritant, but it’s an irritant of the kind the eventual Republican nominee will have to master. (Jim Geraghty comments on Matthews and the candidates here.) Perhaps most surprising to me are the favorable reviews Mike Huckabee is winning. When he spoke, for example, on global warming, I could only think: “Sir, you are a lightweight in more ways than one.”
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