Three Mays in Wartime

No Left Turns alerts us to the series of essays that Mac Owens is writing about the battles and campaigns of the Civil War for the Ashbrook Centersite. As Peter Schramm explains, the first of these essays — “Two Mays in wartime” — looks at two battles that occurred in almost the same place exactly one year apart during the month of May: Chancellorsville in 1863 and The Wilderness in 1864.
To the two Mays that Mac Owens recounts, today’s New York Sun editorial adds reflections on the May 2007 meeting of President Bush and congressional Republicans on the Iraq war yesterday. The Sun editorial recalls Lincoln’s 1865 meeting with Chicago Tribune editor Lloyd Medill. Medill appealed to Lincoln and Stanton for Chicago to be relieved from the most recent draft call:

[I]n Medill’s own account, Lincoln turned on the great editor. “


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