Duke advances

The Duke lacrosse team rolled into the quarterfinals of the NCAA tournament yesterday with an 18-3 drubbing of Providence. Duke endured a two hour rain delay in this match, but that’s not much of a wait compared to the lose of virtually an entire season due to bogus rape allegation. As Zach Greer (scorer of five goals) said, “we’ve been through worse.”
Even taking into account that Providence had a losing record and made the event only by winning their conference tournament, this was an impressive result. Matt Danowski, who contributed two goals and seven assists explained “It wasn’t what the score was — we played right, we played with confidence and a sense of swagger, offensively. That’s something we’ve been looking for all season.”
Next up for Duke is the winner of today’s clash between Navy and the University of Carolina.
UPDATE: Duke’s opponent will be North Carolina, 12-8 winners over Navy. Duke vs. Carolina is always intense, but Duke avoids playing Navy in Annapolis.
The match of the day was right here in Washington, where Georgetown defeated Princeton in overtime. Our “condolences” to Bill Bennett, whose son plays for Princeton.


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