News/Forum Site Update

We suffered a catastrophic failure of our Power Line News/Forum site this morning. Two separate hard drives exploded, melted down, disintegrated, or something, with the result that all files associated with those sites were lost. The site’s database, however, resided on a different server and survives. That means that all Forum registrations, posts, etc., have been preserved.
Joe Malchow, the most technically proficient guy we know, is on the case, and he thinks it will be a day or two before he can recreate enough of the destroyed files to have the site(s), including the Candidates’ Forum, up and running again.
Like everyone else, we’ve experienced minor glitches before, but we’ve never had this kind of catastrophic failure. Hosting Matters is working on it along with Joe, and all will be fixed before long, but in the meantime, it’s been a learning experience. Once everything is operational again, we will send out an email notice to everyone who has registered to post on the Forum, and will also note the fact here.


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