Return of the News/Forum Site

We are happy to say that the Power Line News and Power Line Forum sites are once again up and running. The timing is auspicious, as, given what is now going on in Washington, there will be a great deal to discuss in the Candidates’ Forum.
Many readers have wondered why the News and Forum sites were down as long as they were. The answer–I’m parroting here–goes something like this: there was a catastrophic failure of the main hard drive that contained the software files that run the two sites. Before the hard drive failed, however, it started spitting out erroneous data that over-wrote and corrupted the files on the backup hard drive, which then catastrophically failed in turn. I know, that’s not supposed to happen. But it did.
Much of the software that drives the News and Forum sites was customized by the Blog Studio and Joe Malchow, so Joe had to recreate and reassemble a fair amount of software, while studying for finals at the same time.
There is still a feature or two needing to be activated, but nothing that will seriously impair your enjoyment of the sites. Our apologies for the technical problems; we’re glad to be operational once more.


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