Yesterday’s blogger conference call with John McCain is the first one I’ve ever been on to make the national news. Unfortunately, the coverage — here is the AP story — is limited to the zinger Senator McCain got off at Governor Romney’s expense. It seems to me that McCain’s zinger (admittedly a good one) is politics as usual and barely newsworthy, although Ryan Sager beats the pants off the AP in the New York Sun with his lead on the same story:

You know things have gotten serious in a campaign when the candidates are insulting the sizes of each other’s guns.

The immigration legislation that dominated the discussion in the conference call and gave rise to the zinger is a matter of serious national concern. For my take on conference call, see “Curses, part 2.” Mickey Kaus took a look and got off a zinger of his own at Senator McCain’s expense, calling the point I raised “Parachute blues.”
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