DCU to Gang of 88: “We’re listening”

The students of the Duke Conservative Union have placed a full page advertisement in the Duke Chronicle taking the “Gang of 88” radical professors to task for their shameful actions and public comments regarding the Duke lacrosse case. At Duke New Sense, the DCU explains:

These radical professors exploited a tragic time in Duke’s history for the advancement of their own political and social agenda, as seen in the “Social Disaster” advertisement of April 6, 2006 and in other inflammatory and divisive statements throughout the legal process. Today’s advertisement was written as a tongue-in-cheek parody of the original Gang of 88 “Social Disaster” ad (found here). However, the message is decidedly serious. The Duke Conservative Union expressly calls upon these professors, and the departments that signed on to the “Social Disaster” ad, to apologize.

Please check out the post addressing Duke supporters and offer your encouragement to the students of the Duke Conservative Union.
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