How to read the AP, part 2

Last week we wrote about the AP story that reported the drunk-while-driving arrest of Minnesota Senate President Jim Metzen and initially omitted his party identification. (I trust you can guess which one, as did our astute reader who inferred it by the omission.) Today NewsBusters updates the story with a terrific post by Tom Blumer asking “Does the AP monitor Power Line?” The AP’s diddling was worse than I knew.
At Durham-in-Wonderland, Professor K.C. Johnson helps us read the AP’s unhappy report on the election of Stephen Smith to the Dartmouth board of trustees. Professor Smith’s post is “Trustees, Dartmouth, and the AP.” I’m grateful to Professor Johnson for sparing me the trouble of deconstructing the AP’s highly misleading and predictably malicious report. Professor Smith speaks for himself and comments on his election here.
FOOTNOTE: I should add that our post misstates the author and the time it was posted. I originally posted the item before I left for work on May 23. I think it was the last item posted before our site crashed later that morning. Our tech genius Joe Malchow rebuilt our site with the result that the posting information is now off, although the text is accurate. I add this note only because Blumer’s post uses the inaccurate posting information and accordingly tends, I believe, to understate his point.
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