JFK Plot Exposed

Four men were charged today with scheming to blow up a jet fuel pipeline that serves Kennedy airport on Long Island. As usual, the would-be terrorists were arrested before the plan had advanced far enough to be dangerous.
The four men were Caribbean natives; one, named Abdul Kadir, was until recently a member of the Parliament in Guyana. Kadir “was arrested Friday as he was boarding a flight from Trinidad to Venezuela, where he planned to pick up a travel visa to attend an Islamic religious conference in Iran.”
It’s interesting, I think, that no one will find it anomalous that a man charged with plotting to blow up an airport and kill thousands of people was en route to a religious conference.
Via Power Line News.
SCOTT adds: Michael Ledeen comments on the Iranian subplot here via a commenter here. He writes:

Ah, those religious conferences organized by the Religion of Peace…and notice the route: Venezuela to Iran. Did you notice that there are now direct flights from Caracas to Teheran via Damascus? The jihadis’ haj.

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