Al Qaeda Taking A Beating

We’ve been following the growing Sunni “insurgency” against al Qaeda and its mostly-foreign terrorists that is spreading throughout Iraq. I’ve only seen the latest news reported in Malaysia’s New Straits Times: “Iraqi gunmen kill Qaeda’s Fallujah leader:”

Unidentified gunmen shot dead a local Al-Qaeda leader in the western Iraqi city of Fallujah on Saturday, police said, as fighting between rival Sunni factions undermined the insurgency.
The apparent assassination of the militant kingpin came as the US military announced that marines and Iraqi security forces had killed seven Al-Qaeda fighters during an assault on a truck bomb factory.
Both incidents appeared to be linked to increased cooperation between Sunni factions, once sympathetic to the Iraqi resistance, and the US military, which is encouraging nationalist factions to fight Al-Qaeda.
Fallujah is the focus of a large-scale security operation in which Iraqi police and tribal levies, backed by US forces, are trying to drive out Al-Qaeda Islamist militants.
Saturday’s killing came after the Anbar Salvation Council, the armed wing of the province’s tribal coalition, announced that it was sending plainclothes “secret police” to Baghdad to kill Al-Qaeda leaders. The council, whose fighters include thousands of former insurgents, has fallen out with Al-Qaeda and thrown its lot in with US forces. It has sent gunmen to join the Iraqi police and pro-US tribal levies.
Earlier this week, fierce street battles erupted in west Baghdad between nationalist Sunni militants and Al-Qaeda.

American newspapers will be covering these promising developments any day now.
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