Behind Al Franken’s FEC report

John’s Northern Alliance Radio Network colleague Brian “St. Paul” Ward of Fraters Libertas has the funniest post of an unfunny week analyzing Al Franken’s first quarter 2007 FEC report. In the spirit of the NARN show, a technical glitch prevents me from linking directly to Brian’s post. Click on the preceding link and scroll down to the June 12 post “Behind the FEC report.”
Franken is bidding for the Democratic nomination to oppose incumbent Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman, who is a responsible voice on the war with a grip on the big picture. Brian reports that Ben Stein contributed $1,000 to Franken and asked him why. Consider Franken’s deep thoughts on the war as expressed in his interview with Josh Marshall here and I believe you will conclude that Stein’s response to Brian just doesn’t cut it.
UPDATE: Brian has forwarded the correct permalink: “Behind the FEC report.”


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