Some Sunni tribes turn against al Qaeda in Baghdad

Even the MSM has reported, however grudgingly, our military’s success resulting from having enlisted Sunni tribes in the fight against al Qaeda in Anbar province. Attacks there have decreased by 60 percent and al Qaeda is on the run.
Now we are having some success in persuading Sunni tribes to help us against al Qaeda in Baghdad. USA Today reports that more than ten such tribes have signed on. Some of them have members who previously have fought alongside al Qaeda. As Lt. Col. Rick Welch explains, this means “they know where they live. . .who they are. . .[and] how they operate.”
Sunni tribal leaders in Baghdad aren’t as influential as those in Anbar province. Moreover, the Shia dominated government seems less than enthusiastic about working with Sunnis in mixed areas. Thus, as Lt. Col. Douglas Ollivant puts it, “In Anbar, tribal engagement appears to be the answer. In Baghdad it’s not going to be the answer; it’s going to be part of the answer.”
The problem is that in Washington right now, only full and immediate answers seem to count.
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