Terror Attack in Scotland

The would-be dual car bomb attack in London has been followed up by an apparent terrorist attack at Glasgow’s airport:

An apparent car bomb attack has been attempted at Glasgow Airport’s main terminal a day after police foiled a possible al Qaeda plot to detonate two car bombs in central London.
Witnesses have reported that a blazing Cherokee jeep containing two Asian-looking men appeared to ram the terminal building at high speed.
One of the two men in the vehicle was said to have ran from the blaze with his clothes on fire.
He was restrained by passengers until police arrived.
Witnesses have told how the other occupant of the vehicle struggled with police at the scene immediately after the incident and was wrestled to the ground by officers.

There’s no way to tell at this point whether this attack was carried out by the same group that planned the London attacks, or whether it was a copycat effort.
UPDATE: British authorities are now saying they think this attack was linked to the double attempted car bombing in London. Police say that one of the two men driving the flaming vehicle had a “suspect device,” presumably a suicide belt, on his person. This photo is of the aftermath of the attack:
And here is video:

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