Calling Out the U.N.

Minnesota’s Norm Coleman has been the number one advocate in Congress for holding the United Nations accountable. He has continued that effort by introducing S. 1698, the Human Rights Council Funding Reform Act of 2007. The operative portion of Coleman’s proposed statute reads:

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no funds appropriated or otherwise made available by any Act for contributions for international organizations may be made available to support the United Nations Human Rights Council.

The following is an excerpt from Norm’s statement on the record in support of his proposed legislation:

Last year, a call for reform led the United Nations to replace the discredited Human Rights Commission, which had included the likes of Libya and Sudan as members, with a new Human Rights Council. The Human Rights Council celebrated its one year anniversary last week, but unfortunately this anniversary was nothing to celebrate. Despite concerns about the structure of the new Council when it began operating, no one anticipated that within one year it would be possible to gut the intended agenda of the Council and make a mockery of its stated purpose on the scale that the Human Rights Council has managed to do.
In short, after five regular sessions and four special sessions, the Council has proved that it is nothing more than a platform to launch vitriolic attacks against one country – Israel. Despite the fact that the Human Rights Council is tasked with monitoring the human rights situation of all 192 members of the UN, the only country that has been directly condemned through country-specific resolutions is Israel


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