A moment of truth

Given the demonstrable progress made by General Petraeus and the forces under his command implementing the surge counterinsurgency strategy over the past month, I find the Democratic compulsion to mandate our defeat in Iraq incomprehensible and any Republican assistance lent to the Democrats’ effort contemptible. Pete Hegseth is a native of Forest Lake, Minnesota and a Princeton alumnus who served as an officer in Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division. Pete serves in the New Jersey National Guard and is executive director of Vets for Freedom. We have featured Pete’s messages and letters several times over the past two years. Today’s Wall Street Journal publishes Pete’s “Give the surge a chance” (subscribers only, I think). Pete writes:

This week, Democrats on Capitol Hill are expected to present several different bills meant to undermine the war in Iraq. I fear that it will be difficult for Americans to discern the facts, as members on the Hill (including some Republicans) will revisit past failures and lament unfortunate losses rather than undertake a serious critique of the new counterinsurgency strategy.
Why? Because for some members of Congress, there is a growing fear that Gen. David Petraeus just might have a winning strategy in Iraq.
Despite four years of failed policy, the strategy we have in Iraq today is sound, both in principle and in practice, as my combat tour in Iraq confirmed. Gen. Petraeus is bringing safety and stability to Baghdad and Anbar Province, putting insurgents on the run. Now it’s a question of whether House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and wobbly Republicans will give him the time and resources he needs. So, before the debate reconvenes, I thought a brief refutation of the top four Iraq falsehoods would be instructive:


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