Debating the speed of retreat

If you read Tony Blankley’s column on the Democrats’ CNN Youtube forum earlier this week, you get biting commentary on the retreat-and-defeat mania of the candidates (and their target audience). You also get this appreciation of John Edwards’s hair:

For the first time Monday, CNN provided us with sustained close-up shots of Sen. John Edwards’ haircut, and I can now understand why he paid between $400-$1,200 a cut. At middle range, it looks deceptively like your average $18 strip-mall haircut. And it seems to look the same from the left side of his face.
But the close up from his right side is a revelation. Girding the long side of his part is an extraordinary spring-like wedge of hair running from front to back. And though bouncy, every hair remains in place — even during vigorous head shaking and bobbing. This gives his entire hairstyle a lively, youthful look. Most middle-aged men’s hair just sits on the head like a wet rag. Admittedly, the bouncy wedge does look a little flouncy when viewed from the candidate’s front right. But from any other angle and from all distances other than close up, it simply gives his entire visage a healthy, animated look. Well worth a thousand bucks a crack — at least in his part of the two Americas.

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