A liberal’s futile advice to Senate Democrats

Ruth Marcus, one of the fair-minded liberals at the Washington Post, defends Alberto Gonzales from the bogus perjury accusations lodged by Senate Democrats regarding his testimony from last week. Marcus also finds that these allegations are without merit, and that “the calls by some Democrats for a special prosecutor to consider whether Gonzales committed perjury have more than a hint of maneuvering for political advantage.” She invites Congress to focus on what the Justice Department is dong and has done, instead of “trying to incite a criminal prosecution.”
Marcus does accuse Gonzales of being misleading in his testimony last week, but she does not present any examples to support this “lesser offense.” As John has noted, Gonzales invited the Senate Judiciary to go into closed session, so he could give them a fuller account of the intelligence program that was the subject of his hospital visit to John Ashcroft. The Senate Dems declined because they aren’t interested in the “whole truth;” they are interested in grandstanding and making reckless and false allegations.
That’s why Marcus’ plea that they act responsibly likely will fall on deaf ears.
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