Cheney: The Inside Story

In the second hour of last Saturday’s radio show, we talked with Steve Hayes about his new book, Cheney. It was a great conversation about an excellent biography. For me, the most interesting chapters were about Cheney’s youth in Nebraska and Wyoming and his early career in Washington. Dick Cheney has participated in most of the interesting events in Washington from the Gerry Ford administration to the present, and Steve’s book is a great way to recap that history.
Cheney covers his term as Vice President too, of course, but those events are more familiar, and if you already know that Joe Wilson is a liar, you can probably skim over some of the more recent events. In our interview, we asked about Cheney’s views of the present conflict in Iraq, and Steve related the conversations he’s had with the Vice-President on that subject. It’s a great three segments, followed by our Gatekeeper of the Week award. Unquestionably, though, the highlight was our conversation with Steve Hayes about Dick Cheney’s career, and the light it sheds on modern American history.
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I enthusiastically recommend that you buy the book. Clicking on the graphic below will take you to Amazon, where you can place your order.


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