Sunday Cartoon Roundup

Editorial cartoons can be funny, and can also be a powerful weapon. Unfortunately, most editorial cartoonists, like most editors and reporters, are liberals. So it’s good to know about the relative handful who are moderates and conservatives.
Townhall has a good comics section, featuring the work of a dozen or so cartoonists. Here, Henry Payne satirizes Barack Obama’s pledge to attack Pakistan (click to enlarge):

And Glenn McCoy comments on a subtle distinction between religions:

Michael Ramirez draws for Investor’s Business Daily. Here, he lampoons the Democratic Congress’s lack of any tangible achievements:

Ryskind is, as far as I know, internet only. Here, he notes the ludicrous spectacle of Pinch Sulzberger’s New York Times fretting that Rupert Murdoch’s purchase of the Wall Street Journal might compromise that paper’s political neutrality:


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