On with the show

The Washington Times reports that all but one of the Republican candidates for president have agreed to participate in a YouTube debate on November 28 in St. Petersburg, Florida. The holdout is Mitt Romney, but according to the Times he’s expected to join the crowd too.
Romney and others have expressed concern over the seriousness of such a debate, particularly after the Democratic version in which, for example, an animated snowman was able to pose a question about global warming. I would also be concerned that CNN is going to control the debate, with its producers selecting the questions.
Nonetheless, it seems like a no-brainer to proceed with this debate. If the debate formats of prior years are used in 2008, the eventual Republican nominee will have to answer dumb and hostile questions from both ordinary citizens and biased journalists. We might as well find out as much as possible now about how each potential nominee handles himself in this context.


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