Reaching out to the unindicted co-conspirators, part 2

At the Counterterrorism Blog Doug Farah and Steven Emerson have posted important reports supporting Audrey Hudson’s Washington Times story on the Justice Department’s sponsorship of the ISNA convention this weekend in Chicago. Farah reports:

I know, from talking at length with people directly involved in the case, that in fact the national security section did NOT sign off on the decision, protested the decision, and are apoplectic that the decision to do anything with an un-indicted co-conspirator in an ongoing case where DOJ is prosecuting entities and individuals linked to ISNA is even contemplated.
I have no idea who the sources for the Washington Times story were, but mine told me exactly the same thing. These are not voting division people trying to armchair quarterback anything. These are concerned career employees who see their efforts being sabotaged by those who would like to reach out to the wrong Muslim groups.

Emerson adds:

I have also confirmed that the Department of Justice’s counter-terrorist folks were not consulted on their agency’s presence at this year’s ISNA convention, and I can report that various officials I spoke with on this matter are furious and have registered protests with proper officials up the chain.
The consequences of remaining silent, or downplaying the importance of a section of the DOJ officially legitimizing an American branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, with a history of extremism and terrorist ties, are all too dangerous and real, and will extend beyond the immediate problems the sponsorship/official presence poses to the prosecutors’ efforts in the HLF trial.

I discussed the Holy Land Foundation prosecution and the naming of CAIR as an unindicted co-conspirator in the NRO column “Coming clean about CAIR.”
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