Coming soon: Live from the APSA

I’m leaving this morning for the annual convention of the American Political Science Association, where I’ve attended the panels sponsored by the Claremont Institute approximately every other year over the past 20 years with Claremont chairman Bruce Sanborn. It’s been a great education, although it took at least ten years before I began to have any idea what they were talking about. Bruce is chairing a panel this year on social conservatism for which Professor Hadley Arkes has prepared a terrific paper that I hope to excerpt here.
Attending the Claremont panels gives me a chance to raise my sights beyond the news of the day and to think about the principles that animate our politics. One of the best panels this year, however, is on the 2008 presidential election, with panelists including Steve Hayward and Professor Gerard Alexander. I hope to be back with an occasional report or two on the proceedings and perhaps to retrieve a short talk I gave on Woodrow Wilson at an APSA Claremont panel two years ago.


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