Osama bin Scheuer

Michael Scheuer is the former CIA analyst who headed the CIA’s bin Laden desk (Alec Station) during the Clinton administration and then worked as an advisor to the CIA’s bin Laden unit until his retirement from the agency after the 2004 election. Yesterday bin Laden recommended Scheuer’s book to those who want to understand why the United States is “losing the war” against al Qaeda. (Bin Laden didn’t name the book, but he was certainly referring to Imperial Hubris.) In the article “The CIA examines itself,” Gabriel Schoenfeld fills in some background and tries to figure what the recenly released OIG report on the CIA’s performance reveals about Scheuer. I noted Scheuer’s role in the bureaucratic war against the Bush administration in “Three years of the Condor.”
UPDATE: Schoenfeld has more on Scheuer’s bizarreries here.


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