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Below I note that Dartmouth board of trustees chairman Ed Haldeman is lacking in the sense of shame that governs the conduct of ordinary mortals. More evidence arrives via The Daily Dartmouth article on the board’s action yesterday. This just in, from a student:

Amid the distress, I am pleased to announce that we have a new winner of the Peter Fahey Downward Death Spiral Award for Stupidity in Commentary on Dartmouth College.
This comes from The Daily Dartmouth’s report on the Board vote:

“‘We’re excited about greater alumni involvement on the Board,’ Haldeman said, explaining that 26 alumni will be trustees, not 18.”

Unlike the quote attributed by Peter Arnett to an Army officer in Vietnam (“We had to destroy the village in order to save it”), Haldeman’s quote appears to be the genuine article. And, courtesy of Joe Asch, we find this equally illuminating announcement on the Dartmouth College Web site:

Following a report by the Governance Committee of the Board, Dartmouth’s Trustees voted to retain the traditional role Dartmouth alumni play in nominating members of the College’s Board of Trustees and expand the Board to 26 members.

Do Haldeman and the college believe Dartmouth alums are stupid, or do they just treat us that way?
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