Jenna Does Washington

Some days, there just isn’t much in the news. For entertainment value, though, there is this Washington Post story on Jenna Jameson’s tour of the Capitol, reportedly courtesy of an aide or intern in Arlen Specter’s office. Specter himself didn’t seem to know who she was; “General Jameson?” he puzzled.
Jameson is, of course, a big supporter of Hillary Clinton. Her spokeswoman says that Jenna would love to meet Hillary, “but no one thinks to invite someone like Jenna.” Well, that could change. Jameson has lots of money.
Actually, there probably is a news story here, if anyone were interested in looking into it. Everyone knows that Hollywood is a significant source of funding for liberal candidates. But how about the astonishingly lucrative adult film industry? The names of its moguls are not as well known to the public as Hollywood figures, but it wouldn’t be hard to figure out who they are and what candidates they support. I suspect that the results would be interesting, but that isn’t the kind of research our investigative journalists have much interest in undertaking.
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