Hollywood: A Bronx cheer for

My new friend Andrew Breitbart writes from the heart of la-la land where he co-authored Hollywood Interrupted and helps compile the Drudge Report. This week the Los Angeles Times has paired him with David Ehrenstein for the yin to Andrew’s yang on Hollywood. In his first installment, Andrew responds to Ehrenstein’s celebration of the coming fall antiwar movies:

To the Hollywood defeat set the Iraq War is painted as Abu Ghraib and a soldier raping an Iraqi 14-year-old girl and killing her family. Anomalous hideous behavior for which the perpetrators are rightfully prosecuted is used to slander the majority in the pursuit of political propaganda intended to demoralize a nation in the pursuit of ending the war. Brian De Palma admitted as much. Shameful. Predictable.
To me and millions of other American filmgoers, those are nightmarish exceptions to the rule — and certainly not a compelling argument to hire a baby-sitter and rush to the local mall to spend $50 — especially when many have loved ones serving honestly and bravely. But to The Industry, America-as-the-global-antagonist is fast-track development time and a surefire route to standing ovations on the European film-fest circuit. Our soldiers fight inhumane ideologues funded and armed by terror-supporting totalitarian states while simultaneously trying to create order where it has never before existed in order to help stabilize the most dangerous region of the world … and Hollywood reflexively turns its back on them.

Andrew also turns to Hollywood’s convenient avoidance of our enemy in the war it opposes:

For those who see the world through art, my side — which strongly sees radical Islam as a growing anti-democratic, anti-liberal global threat — is not represented because our dissent is deemed “hate speech.” (War was so much easier when the Nazis were white.) Hollywood acquiesces when CAIR and other pro-Islamist interest groups demand that Muslim extremists not appear in film portrayed as terrorists. If only the Pentagon had the same sway! Sure, my side has talk radio, best-selling books, top-rated cable news shows, blogs, Op-Ed columns and even the presidency to make our points. But we do not have even a minority position to tell the most important stories of our time because of the politically correct architecture of the creative process in Hollywood.

My guess is that Andrew is responsible for today’s Drudge Report headline about Ahmadinejad at Columbia: “Little man on campus” (linking to this AP story) and the accompanying photo below.


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