Slouching toward dhimmitude in Minneapolis?

Minneapolis Community and Technical College in downtown Minneapolis is the school that had planned to install footbaths for Muslim students until Star Tribune columnist Katherine Kersten blew the whistle. Now I understand that the authorities governing Minnesota state colleges have taken the matter under advisement.
Yesterday a student at MCTC wrote us concerning a small room on the third floor of the Technical Building, which I visited to take a look at myself. The room is identified as a “masjid” (mosque) and has Muslim-themed flyers (such as one on “the five pillars of Islam”) on and around the door. It is, moreover, designated for “sisters” only. According to a statement on the door, a comparable room is reserved for “brothers” at the same location on the fifth floor. These facilities, whatever they are, are apparently reserved for the use of Muslims.
I called the interim vice president for student affairs to ask about the rooms. She said she had no idea what I was talking about and asked me to send her an email message. I’ve written to ask for an explanation and will provide whatever response we receive. Brian Ledbetter, from whom I’ve borrowed the heading for this post, has been following a similar (apparently less egregious) case at George Mason University.
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