No Newt Is Good News

Just days after sounding as though he would likely jump into the Presidential race, Newt Gingrich announced today that he is out. His spokesman said that Newt will not run in 2008, because it will not be legally possible for him to explore a Presidential bid while continuing to run his nonprofit organization, American Solutions.
This rationale seems odd in a couple of respects, but I think Gingrich’s decision is a good one. Much as I respect Newt, I don’t think he would have been a viable general election candidate. His standing with the party’s activists is high, and his entry into the race could have made it harder for one of the more viable candidates to gather steam. So I think Newt did the right thing for his party and for the country by staying out. He will continue to be invaluable as a fertile incubator or ideas and an eloquent spokesman for conservative principles.
Via Power Line News.
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