Newsweek’s Neoconfusion

Earlier this week we noted the correction posted online by Newsweek for the sidebar above that runs in the current issue:

Editor’s Note: In our print edition, several captions for the photographs accompanying this report were inadvertantly transposed. Martin Kramer’s photograph is identified as Norman Podhoretz; Daniel Pipes’s photograph is identified as Kramer; Peter Berkowitz’s photograph is identified as Pipes; Nile Gardiner’s photograph is identified as Berkowitz’s and Podhoretz’s photograph is identified as Gardiner’s. NEWSWEEK regrets the errors.

Daniel Pipes writes that the correction “warrants a place in Guiness World Records” and comments:

(1) There are six pictures in all on the page and five of the six captions are wrong; only that of Robert Kasten is correct. Aggregating so many errors at once takes real talent