A hateful circus in the House Judiciary Committee

The United States Attorney for the Western District of Louisiana is black attorney Donald Washington. Washington comported himself with great dignity as he was humiliated in disgraceful and disgusting fashion at Tuesday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing by several Democratic members, including Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison. Ellison played the role of the bullying, insulting demagogue that he perfected while hustling on behalf of Louis Farrakhan and assorted thugs and cop killers in Minneapolis during the 1990’s.
The best story I can find on Tuesday’s Judiciary Committee circus starring Al Sharpton is Raw Story’s “Dems excoriate US Attorney in ‘Jena Six’ hearing.” As far as I can tell, the Minneapolis Star Tribune has no story on the hearing or on Ellison’s disgusting performance. C-SPAN has posted the hearing in its entirety in two parts that are accessible here for the moment on its home page; Ellison appears at the end of part 2.
Now that Ellison has taken his act to a national audience, interested readers may want to take a look at “Louis Farrakhan’s first Congressman,” the article on Ellison that I wrote for the Weekly Standard last October when he was on the verge of election to the position he now regularly abuses. My companion Power Line post is “Keith Ellison for dummies.”


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