Indoctrinate U comes to town

As John notes below, I attended the premiere of Evan Coyne Maloney’s Indoctrinate U in Minneapolis last night. (In the video clip Evan discusses the film with Sean Hannity.) The Minneapolis debut was only the film’s second public showing; it premiered in Washington a few weeks ago before a raucous crowd at the Kennedy Center. In Minneapolis the film continues with showings at the Oak Street Cinema (the old Campus Theater) through next Thursday. The theater was also packed with a responsive crowd last night, a large part of which stuck around after the screening to hear from Evan and film producer Thor Halvorssen. I haven’t seen such a big crowd in that theater since “Putney Swope” opened there in 1969.
Several University of Minnesota students were in the audience and testified to the accuracy of the film’s depiction of university life. In a recent New York Times column Stanley Fish (wrongly, in my view) pooh-poohed the film’s portrayal of the university, but he also smartly captured Evan’s genius:

At least as an on-camera presence, Maloney is polite, unflappable and relentless. He borrows some techniques from Michael Moore, but rather than resembling a giant donut, Maloney has the lean boyish looks that could earn him a role in


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