Warren Christopher, call your office

The Jerusalem Post reports that Secretary Rice has sought the advice of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton ahead of her planned Middle East peace conference scheduled to take place soon in Annapolis. The White House called the meeting with Carter positive and “to the point.”
The Post also reports that Rice has recently conferred with Dennis Ross, James Baker, Henry Kissinger, and Madeleine Albright. Having died in 2002, Cyrus Vance was unfortunately unavailable. Secretary Rice means to do some serious damage before she leaves office.
JOHN adds: This seems so strange: it’s as though General Grant went to a committee of Pope, Hooker and Burnside to get advice on how to deal with the Confederacy. Or Republican Presidential candidates went to Harold Stassen for guidance on how to win elections. What is it about the Middle East that brings out this madness?
PAUL adds: From what I hear, Bush bases his foreign policy these days largely on whatever Rice tells him, and Rice basically just channels the views of the State Department bureaucracy.
Was Rice always this bad, or has she changed course in order to regain the esteem of the foreign policy establishment before she heads back to private life?
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