A letter to the editor of the Star Tribune

I started listening to Garrison Keillor when I was a law student at the University of MInnesota and Keillor had the weekday morning drivetime slot on Minnesota Public Radio. I thought he was terrific, a guy with talent to burn who could easily make it on the national stage. That was more than thirty years ago. Since he achieved fame on the national stage, however, Keillor has turned into an extraordinarily depressive, unfunny humorist.
Apparently wanting to add yet another angry liberal to its stable of opinion writers, the Minneapolis Star Tribune has taken Keillor on as a weekly political commentator. Here’s a representative bit of his political wit and wisdom:

Now I’m an old tired Democrat, sick of this infernal war that may go on for the rest of my life and in which more of our brethren will die miserably, both American and Iraqi. I’m sick of politics today, the cleverness and soullessness of it. I am still angry at Al Gore for wearing those stupid sweaters in 2000 and pretending he didn’t know Bill Clinton, and I am angry at everyone who voted for Ralph Nader. I hope the next time they turn the key in the ignition their air bags blow up.

The Star Tribune’s thoroughgoing liberalism rules the paper from stem to stern with the exception of metro columnist Katherine Kersten — and one columnist who has asked us to protect his or her identity. S/he writes that s/he has become the self-appointed “Anti-Keillor” to rebut Keillor’s liberal rubbish whenever it appears in the Star Tribune. Because Keillor’s wretched column appears in the Strib’s expanded Sunday opinion section, our correspondent will be writing most Mondays, starting today. S/he writes:

In his October 28 column, Garrison Keillor refers to Republicans as the


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