Coming soon: TNR’s findings

Bob Owens has written the corporate owner of the New Republic seeking a response to his exposure of the magazine’s Beauchamp columns and its purported investigation into the columns. Owens’s correspondence has elicited a response from TNR’s an authority outside “the editors” whom we have previously heard from, i.e., TNR’s publisher. She doesn’t have anything more to say than the editors have said, but she assures us that TNR’s investigation is winding up: “You will have a complete response soon.” She adds:

From a business perspective, the Baghdad Diarist represented 3 pages of over 1,100 editorial pages published during the past year. Yet, it has accounted for a hugely disproportioned amount of time in trying to deal with the response.

My translation: Only .3 percent of the magazine’s editorial pages published during the past year have proved to be fraudulent — to which one would in fairness have to add the Beauchamp updates previously posted online by “the editors.” Owens responds to the publisher’s message here.


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