Biden’s Revisionist History Lesson

The Associated Press recounts Joe Biden’s encounter with a group of fourth-graders in New Hampshire, under the headline “Biden’s History Lesson to Fourth-Graders.” Someone asked Biden, “How did the war in Iraq start?” Here is Biden’s answer:

Osama bin Laden set up camps there, and he was getting a lot of help from folks running that country called Afghanistan. And that’s where he planned an attack on America to bring the World Trade Towers down and kill all those innocent Americans. We had a right to, and we should’ve gone, to Afghanistan to try to get bin Laden and those people who’ve done very bad things to America,” he said.
“But the president, I think, he got a little confused,” he continued. “I think he thought the folks in another country, way, way far away, far from here, it’s also far from Afghanistan, called Iraq. He said, ‘The guy in Iraq he helped bin Laden do bad things to us,’ and he didn’t. He wasn’t a good guy, but he didn’t help. So we used that kind of as an excuse to attack Iraq.”

Actually, President Bush has never said that Saddam’s Iraq had anything to do with the September 11 attacks. One would think that Biden must know this, even if the AP reporter doesn’t. So one wonders: after four years, have the Democrats started to believe their own propaganda, or is Joe Biden really willing to lie to a group of schoolchildren?
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