In search of a change of heart

Carl in Jerusalem draws our attention to Laura Blumenfeld’s “only in Israel” story of the pediatriatric cardiologist who saves Arab children in Israel by day and hunts Arab terrorists as a combat helicopter pilot by night. Blumenfeld’s story is “A time to kill, and a time to heal.”
Blumenfeld is the Washington Post reporter who is apparently now assigned to special projects for the Post. Her father is a rabbi was shot in the head by an Arab terrorist in 1986 while he was visiting Jerusalem. Blumenfeld tracked down the terrorist and met up with him and his family ten years later, a story she told in her 2002 book Revenge and in this Salon interview.
Blumenfeld is also the Post reporter to whom John Kerry first revealed his “magic hat.” Kerry pulled the magic hat out one more time to impress the New York Times’s Kate Zernike last year.
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