Herb London on Syria and Annapolis

Herb London, President of the Hudson Institute, is a Renaissance man. In addition to being college professor, author of numerous books and director of a leading think tank, London financed his graduate education with earnings from his career as a rock and roll singer and ran for Governor of New York on the Conservative Party line in 1990. And these are only a few of his accomplishments. Readers with teenage daughters may know Herb better as the father of Stacy London, one of the brightest stars of cable television.
In this essay written for Power Line, Herb links Israel’s raid on a mysterious Syrian military facility with the farcical affair in Annapolis:

The veil of secrecy surrounding the Israel attack on what is alleged to be a Syrian nuclear facility on September 6 is understandable. Israel is not willing to disclose its military capabilities and technical advantages.
On the other hand, the secrecy is having and will continue to have a profoundly negative effect on United States


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