The end is nigh

Watching the video clip of the proceedings from Bali that played on CNN through the day yesterday, I found the appearance of the United States caving in to a mob of louts and bullies. The IHT headline asserts “U.S. reversal under pressure leads to climate deals.” However, Noel Sheppard helps pierce the media fog (and adds more here).
Announcing the nominal cave-in in the name of “consensus” at the end of the proceedings, US representative Paula Dobriansky won the plaudits of the mob. That’s certainly one way to win over the crowd. I look forward to reading some authoritative account of what transpired in Bali over the past two weeks and of the “road map” agreed to there. I trust that “road map” will prove just about as effective as the one adopted to resolve the war against Israel.
The Bush administration’s superficial accession to the global warming hysterics in Bali yesterday provides the perfect occasion for a Thomas Friedman column. I’ve suffered reading it to spare you the pain. Writing from Bali, Friedman deduces “a change in global consciousness.” Friedman all but dons a placard to announce: The end is nigh.
Via RealClearPolitics.
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