A Year of Lunacy, In Review

Those who have listened to our radio show know that one of its popular features is our “Loon of the Week” award. We’ll be on as usual from 11 to 1 central (12 to 2 eastern), and during our first hour, we’ll review the loons of 2007, culminating in the award of our Loon of the Year prize for 2007.
There were 46 Loons of the Week this year. My cohosts at Fraters Libertas have a statistical breakdown and also a poll where you can listen to the audio clips that were the basis for the awards and vote for one of the four finalists: Jimmy Carter, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Moyers and local columnist Nick Coleman. Personally, I think this borderline-insane rant by Bill Moyers is hard to beat:

It’s sure to be a fun show. You can listen on the web by going here.


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