Mike Huckabee’s imaginary friends

We have already noted MIke Huckabee’s apparently incorrect claim that John Bolton has agreed to work with him on foreign policy issues. Now it seems that Huckabee also misstated his relationship with a second conservative foreign policy expert, Richard Allen.
Huckabee included Allen, a former national security adviser, in the list of analysts with whom he has spoken. But Allen told The Politico that, although an intermediary asked him to speak to Huckabee, Allen has not spoken with the governor or agreed to do so. Allen stated, “I’m gradually getting older, but am fully capable of recalling with whom I have spoken.”
Huckabee, whose views on foreign policy might generously be described as inchoate, deserves credit for reaching out to foreign policy hawks like Bolton, Allen, Frank Gaffney, and Newt Gingrich. But he really needs to be straight about the extent to which these folks have reached back to him.
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