Where’s Rudy?

I like Rudy Giuliani as a presidential candidate, and he’s definitely my wife’s favorite. For quite a while he led the national polls, and maybe he still does. But the extent to which Rudy has been absent from the battle, and the news, in recent weeks is weird. This headline sums it up: Giuliani Steers Clear of Political Fray. I’m not sure that’s the path to nomination.
Giuliani’s campaign insists that he is following a plan:

Giuliani’s communications director tried to deflect criticism of the campaign’s strategy. Katie Levinson said that while Giuliani may not be competing as aggressively in the leadoff states, he remains focused on Florida, which votes Jan. 29, and Illinois and Missouri, which vote Feb. 5.
More important, absentee ballots already are available in those states


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