“Did Huckabee Go Too Far?”

That’s the title of a column by the AP’s Ron Fournier on the press conference that Mike Huckabee gave today. It was, by all accounts, a bizarre event. The purpose of the event was to play Huckabee’s new ad attacking Mitt Romney for reporters. Huckabee arrived late, giving the reporters plenty of time to peruse anti-Romney placards around the room, and announced that he had had a change of heart:

After running an unconventional, surprisingly strong and sometimes strange race to the top tier of the Republican presidential campaign, the former Arkansas governor topped himself Monday with a campaign stunt that smacked of hypocrisy.
He called a news conference to unveil a negative ad that he had just withdrawn from Iowa television stations because, he told a room full of journalists recording the ad, he had a sudden aversion to negative politics. Quite a convenient epiphany.
[Huckabee] did what desperate candidates do. Huckabee took himself off the campaign trail Sunday to shoot a negative ad. He bought $30,000 in television time to air the spot and called a news conference to unveil it.
While awaiting the late-arriving Huckabee, more than 50 reporters and a dozen photographers got to read five huge cards placed on easels by Huckabee’s staff


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