A letter to the editor of the Times

I’m quite sure there is no chance the New York Times will run this letter to the editor that Tom Lipscomb sent the paper and forwarded to us about yesterday’s page-one “killer vets” story:

Last week there was a fine investigative report in The National Journal analyzing the shaky figures and phony conclusions of a study largely funded by leftist billionaire George Soros out of a Johns Hopkins center founded by Mayor Bloomberg. It was directed by an admittedly anti-Iraq war professor who gave it to The Lancet on the specific condition they rush it out before the 2006 elections.
This bizarre and professionally unethical statistical construct, alleging more than a half million Iraqi civilians had died up to the time of their report in the Iraq War, ducked the normal peer review and made headlines in a respected journal that gave credence to propaganda masquerading as a scientific report.
Now The New York Times puts out


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