McCain’ s victory speech

was good and, up to a point, gracious. McCain spoke warmly of Giuliani, whose collapse fueled this victory and whose endorsement would (will?) make McCain the strong front-runner. He also commended Huckabee, whose surprising strength has hurt Romney throughout. He made particular reference to the humor Huck has injected into the campaign.
As for Romney, McCain had nothing positive to say. He simply noted that Romney and his supporters ran a good, close race and that, speaking as someone who has been in their position, they shouldn’t be discouraged. Of course, Romney’s the one remaining barrier to McCain’s nomination, so it would not be reasonable to expect anything glowing from McCain.
Since McCain has been in Romney’s position, he should understand that losing is particularly galling when the winner has distorted your record, as McCain did in Florida. McCain’s scarcely veiled contempt for Romney (something that McCain has not experienced) doesn’t help either. I hope McCain will forbear from smearing his rival the rest of the way.


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