Financial learnings of Clinton for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Clinton

This week the New York Times published an eye-opening article by Jo Becker and Don Van Natta on Bill Clinton’s deal-making prowess, fundraising wizardry, and related mendacity. The story involves the rights to the uranium mining concession in Kazakhstan, won by Canadian mining financier Frank Giustra with an assist from Bill Clinton.
After the deal became final, Giustra contributed $31.3 million to Clinton’s charitable foundation. Giustra has added another $100 million in his largesse to the Clinton foundation. The Times found the parties engaged in the recognizable modus operandi in several respects, as for example this:

Mr. Giustra was invited to accompany the former president to Almaty just as the financier was trying to seal a deal he had been negotiating for months.
In separate written responses, both men said Mr. Giustra traveled with Mr. Clinton to Kazakhstan, India and China to see first-hand the philanthropic work done by his foundation.
A spokesman for Mr. Clinton said the former president knew that Mr. Giustra had mining interests in Kazakhstan but was unaware of


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